About Us

We are a group of Berkeley residents with a long history of local activism


Help us protect Berkeley’s unique quality of life and Make U.C. Berkeley a Good Neighbor


Groups we work with

Bateman Neighborhood Association
Berkeley Neighborhoods Council
Claremont Elmwood Neighborhood Association
Dwight Hillside Neighborhood Association
LeConte Neighborhood Association
Make UC A Good Neighbor
Panoramic Hill Association
Willard Neighborhood Association

Where you can meet us

Upcoming community meetings


Active campaigns

We are reaching out to Berkeley neighborhoods to inform residents about the  U.C. Berkeley’s failure to study the environmental impacts of the huge increase in student enrollment and its failure to mitigate the impacts on our community. We are also looking for neighbors who can help us in our outreach efforts.  If you are interested in organizing a meeting of your neighbors, or in helping us with our outreach efforts, please contact us at info@saveberkeleysneighborhoods.org.


President—Phil Bokovoy

Phil has lived in the Elmwood since graduate school and serves on the board of the Claremont Elmwood Neighborhood Association. He’s also the head of the Piedmont/Parker Neighborhood Group, where he worked with UC to implement the Happy Neighbors Project across the Southside. He is also, with David Shiver, the co-convener of the Southside Neighborhood Consortium. Phil has an MA in Economics and  a JD from UC Berkeley.

Treasurer and Secretary–Becky Waring

Becky is a local computer consultant who has loved living on Etna Street for 22 years. She has watched the neighborhood change over the years and got involved in local activism to help Berkeley remain a great and vibrant place to live, study, and work. Becky is a former technology magazine editor and holds degrees from MIT in environmental engineering and management.